Sunday, July 31, 2005

All Florida Indies #7 - Week Ending 8/7/05

All Florida Indies #7 is here for your listening adventure!
Length of show: 44:44 - Size of file: 41.1 MB


1. Hand Honey - "Paper Or Plastic"
2. Madelin Zero - "Feeding The Butterflies"
3. Friction Farm - "Arms and Legs"

4. BoySwing - "Tu Vas a Volver"
5. The Chabo Brothers - "Sonatina"
6. Anduze - "Moving On"

7. The Reverse Engineers - "Mercury In Retrograde"
8.Robert Dante - "Radio Radio"
9. Seven Nations - "Seeds Of Life"

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Enjoy the show!



Blogger donna said...

another great show, Bing. especially enjoy the lead-off song by Hand Honey.... it really rocks. soooooo much great music to be heard on the Florida music scene and it's cool to be able to tune in to AFI and hear some of it. thanks for giving it to us :)

(and, a big thanks for the nice acknowledgment!)

1:55 PM  
Blogger Bing Futch said...

Hi Donna -

Hand Honey just ROCKS, don't they? I try not to gush too much on the mic, because then you just sound like a big cheerleader - but those guys really caught my attention! I hope that we can get some other Florida podcasters all tied together so we can play more - nine songs a week just barely scratches the surface.

And you're welcome - it's so nice to connect!



2:36 PM  
Anonymous donna said...

well, i dig Hand Honey's sound so much that i went to their website and ordered 2 CDs of their album 'The Silence Begins...'. one for me and one for a rocker friend in Europe.
i'm living proof that AFI is a great way for Florida indie bands to get their music not only heard... but, marketed, as well :)
and, you're right.... nine songs a week does just barely scratch the surface, but it is a good beginning to letting the world know that Florida has a wealth of great musicians and bands of all genre.

3:08 PM  
Blogger Bing Futch said...

That's AWESOME! Who needs big record labels? Podcasting is the new middleman. : )

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:09 AM  
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