Thursday, February 22, 2007

All Florida Indies #54- Week Ending 2/25/07

All Florida Indies #54 - join the jam!
Length of show: 41:57 - Size of file: 48 MB


1. Rico Monaco and Sol Sons - "Say Cabo"
2. Moonshine Blue - "Give Take Give"
3. Local 518 - "The Chase"

4. Floyd Robinson - "Just Pickin'"
5. Bing Futch - "Casualties of Faith"
6. Austin Church - "South Side of Dixie"

7. Dish The Band - "Dish China"
9. Tammerlin - "Another Road"
9. Cryptic Vision - "Common Ground"

Bands: send your music!

All Florida Indies
c/o Bing Futch
P.O. Box 560727
Orlando, FL 32856


Neil Young's Living With War

J.O.B. Entertainment Inc.

Thanks for tuning in! Be sure to visit the web sites of the bands and get to know them!




Blogger Paul said...

Hey Bing I really enjoyed the show. Can't wait to hear some of the new Gargamel. Take care....

3:41 PM  

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