Monday, August 15, 2005

All Florida Indies #9 - Week Ending 8/21/05

All Florida Indies #9 is now available for your enjoyment!
Length of show: 40:08 - Size of file: 36.6 MB


1. Amanda Green - "Beak"
2. Tim Thacker - "Just A Moment"
3. Anonymous - "Apology"

4. The Supervillains - "Oi's To The Hood"
5. Smallfish - "Lemonade"
6. Berman - "Lost Angeles"

7. Wellville - "Happier Girl"
8. Dot Wilder - "Just Friends"
9. Swayze - "Capable"

This is a very cool show. Wait till you hear the mix! A big 'hello' to our new subscribers, we appreciate your vote of confidence. Keep those cards, letters and picture files coming in! Our Listener Gallery will go live when we have enough to post the first page, so send in your pictures featuring the letters "AFI" somewhere in the image. The most creative submissions will win prize packs of CDs played on the show and other schwag that shall remain unmentioned at this time. (Don't worry, it's legal.)

Many thanks to you for the attention. Time is short these days, so we treasure your time with us - we hope to always put on a good show and give you something to smile about!

Be well, dear listeners, mahalo nui loa -



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for Playing the Anonymous Song! I love that song, I'm supprized it hasn't recieved more play elsewhere.

6:49 AM  

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