Monday, May 01, 2006

All Florida Indies #39 - Week Ending 5/7/06

All Florida Indies #39 for Florida music, click here!
Length of show: 42:28 - Size of file: 77.6 MB


1. Monday In London - "Leaving and Waving"
2. Blackstar Morning - "So Wrong"
3. Plain Jane Automobile - "Close My Eyes"

4. Band Marino - "I've Done My Job"
5. Exit The Ride - "Letters"
6. The Adorables - "Foraging Urge"

7. The Julius Airwave - "Along The Way"
8. 10:10 - "le Train 2.04"

Lots more rock - too quick to mix it up - but soon, soon.

Bands: send your music!

All Florida Indies
c/o Bing Futch
P.O. Box 560727
Orlando, FL 32856

Aloha nui loa -



Blogger Prof. Kienstra said...

i found this link through donna. will certainly be checking it out regularly to see what she is up to

Good luck on your podcasting

9:54 AM  
Blogger Prof. Kienstra said...

a smal update.. have been listening to post #39 en #40.. great music.. you are now definite on my podcast listening list.

great music... good commentary... will definitely be back.

9:05 AM  

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