Tuesday, January 17, 2006

All Florida Indies #30 - Week Ending 1/22/06

All Florida Indies #30 delivering the goods - get 'em here!
Length of show: 41:11 - Size of file: 47.1 MB


1. Mojo Gurus - "Who's Been Driving My Cadillac"
2. Jessie J - "We Don't Stop"
3. MCDAID - "Dirt"

4. American Supermodel - "Groom"
5. Thaddeus Crumb - "Fool For A Fortune"
6. Mind Machine - "Yerdua"

7. Fluorescent Pea Pod - "The Moon"
8. Bandees - "Square"
9. Nutrajet - "Celebrity Fist"

Insomnia Radio
Night Passage
Seattle and Beyond

KYOU Radio.com
Orlando Citybeat.com

Bands: HOIL! with the music!

All Florida Indies
c/o Bing Futch
P.O. Box 560727
Orlando, FL 32856

Also, check out the Indiefeed Florida podcast!

We were more on the prompt side this week, getting into the swing of things using Garageband 3 to produce the show. A few bugs to work out in that program, but we've performed an end-run around them for the time being. Let us know what you think!

And, as promised:

Boiled Peanuts

2 lbs RAW peanuts in the shell
half a cup of salt
a crock-pot

This is a true southern delicacy, and if you haven't tried 'em, don't knock 'em till ya do! Get your crock-pot out and dump them peanuts in there. Pour in as much water as you can - then add salt. Stir and cover.

If your crock-pot has an "AUTO" setting, switch to that. It will cook on "HIGH" for awhile and then will switch to low. If you only have "LOW" and "HIGH", then switch to "LOW" - either way, let them sit for at least twelve hours. The peanuts will eventually absorb the water and begin to sink. Add water as necessary.

Around the twelve-hour mark, spoon yourself up a bunch, and prepare to enjoy a real treat! Suck the juice out of 'em , split 'em open and eat those delicious peanuts! For variety - try 'em cajun-style, using 1/4 cup salt and 1/4 cup of your favorite cajun spice. I tell you, you'll be hooked!

Aloha nui loa -



Anonymous donna said...

nice show! sumthin' 'bout McDaid's 'Dirt' that really finds it way inside my very being. don't like to compare artists to other artists so much, but will say that he got a sort of Bono vibe going on.... can anybody else hear it?

the MacJams things sounds interesting... i'm a Mac person and love what the machines can do. but, i get nervous about this concept of making-music-on-the-computer. gets me a little worried that soon real musicians will be replaced by digital tracks and loops. hope i've got the wrong idea about this and 'making-music-on-the-computer' only means to edit and mix tracks recorded by live musicians without the need of huge professional studios & expensive equipment.

now, off to check out McDaid's website...

cheers :)

11:32 AM  
Anonymous About:Blank said...

I L-O-V-E boiled peanuts!


7:44 PM  

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