Monday, October 31, 2005

All Florida Indies #20 - Week Ending 11/6/05

All Florida Indies #20 Harvest the fall here
Length of show: 43:29 - Size of file: 39.8 MB


1. Circularity - "Autumn Dreaming"
2. Blåmann - "Be, be, lite lamb/Litol æ e"
3. JenRic - "New Year's Medley"

4. Marcus Machado - "Hell Fire Red"
5. Refried Confusion - "Polyester Pants"
6. Susie Cool - "Computer Love"

7. Blue Meridian - "A Month Of Sundays"
8. Blue Meridian - "Brave Angel"
9. Rico Monaco & Sol Sons - "Tropico"


Anonymous donna said...

nice mix on this week's show!
love the Celtic sound of JenRic. and, was really wowed by Marcus Machado's firey guitar playing! so much so that i stopped working (i listen to AFI as i work at my computer at home) and did a search to see if i could find more of his music. sure hope he's still playing and somebody out there can give us a lead on where to find more of his music.
and, thanks for the shout-out, Bing... really made me smile to hear your kind words :) i really do enjoy AFI Radio and look forward to every week hearing a bit more of the great talent on the Florida music scene. really missing Florida for the abundance of live music.
keep the music flowing!

cheers :)

1:13 PM  
Blogger Hoo Hoo Nick said...

Awesome show, this one, totally excellent. Your show is always one I look out to to give a listen, but this episode topped all the other ones, in my opinion. Especially liked hearing Blåmann Blåmann. Unfortunately I couldn't understand all the lyrics cause it's in a dialect that I'm not used to at all - I'm just a dutch guy that moved here.

Marcus's guitarwork is totally amazing too, what a guy. He gives the rocking whammy bar sound jimi hendrix did, plays fast solo's like the guys from Metallica and yet he manages to squeeze a shitload of pinched harmonics in there to give it completely his own style anyway. Really sublime.

Thanks for giving us these great shows!

7:32 AM  

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