Monday, September 12, 2005

All Florida Indies #13 - Week Ending 9/18/05

All Florida Indies #13 is here for you!
Length of show: 42:30 - Size of file: 48.6 MB


1. Slack Season - "Unlucky Life Of A Fighting Song"
2. Power Movement Project - "Murder"
3. Migdalia - "Until"

4. Better Than Average - "The Radio"
5. Lisa Firestone - "Chocolate"
6. None Other - "It's All Good"

7. Jay Crosier - "Left Me On The Line"
8. Scholar's Word - "Fallen Angels"
9. Heronymus - "Silver Dollar"

HAPPY! Welcome to all of our new listeners. Thank you for being unique - hope you enjoy the show this week!

One love,



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