Monday, October 24, 2005

All Florida Indies #19 - Week Ending 10/30/05

All Florida Indies #19 is a Hurricane Broadcast - grab it now!
Length of show: 39:47 - Size of file: 36.3 MB


1. The Druids - "Fly"
2. The Underdogs - "Florida Bound"
3. Magadog - "Pipeline"

4. 5th Gear - "Great Sun"
5. Alan Height - "Confused"
6. Gailforce - "Catch Me A Rainbow"

7. Sol 3 - "Selling Peace"
8. Wrong - "Inconvenient Store/Phat Girl"
9. Furious - "Freedom"


Radio Speljamr
The Roadhouse

Another mood entirely this week, yet another hurricane - this one causing the studio to leak. Wunnerful fun - trippy little show this time around. That's really the sound of the wind outside the door - no lie.




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Anonymous donna said...

thoroughly enjoyed this show! the first 2 sets are my fav, but all 3 sets demonstrate the wealth of talent to be found in Florida. how i miss Florida for the abundance of live music!!

hope you and yours weathered the storm ok, Bing. hearing the beginning of this show really hit me and made me flashback to last hurricane season and riding out Francis & Jeanne in my home on Merritt Island. (rode out most all the hurricanes during my 12 years in florida, but they were my strongest storms). really difficult to understand how strong the wind and how heavy the sheets of rain are unless you experience it.

stay safe

11:10 AM  
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Anonymous Luke Stark said...

It would seem that this series of comments is all about the comment spam?

Nice show Bing. As an old Floridian (relocated to Boston,) I do appreciate your quest for Florida Quality. :)

Now...back to the rest of your 'cast.

1:20 PM  
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