Friday, September 23, 2005

All Florida Indies #15 - Week Ending 10/2/05

All Florida Indies #15 is waaaay ahead of schedule!
Length of show: 42:16 - Size of file: 38.5 MB


1. Katie Pierre - "In Time"
2. Cadillac Recipe - "Easy Bacon"
3. Roadside Giant - "Thirteen"

4. Una Thompson - "Like Clowns"
5. Marc Chiriboga - "You Are My Everything"
6. Pulse Nein - "Once Lost"

7. Audiology - "Belong"
8. Zoom - "Velvet"
9. Wayne Gratz - "Prelude"


Tartan Podcast
Skinny White Boy Kastpod
Night Passage


Seattle and Beyond

A quickly-produced show so that I can get on the road to Seattle (well, in the air)! Be the first to hit me with the proper subject line message to win the "Drinky Drinky" CD!

Our prayers go out to everyone being effected by Hurricane Rita - we hope you'll join us in focusing your thoughts on the Gulf Coast once again.

Till next time, mahalo nui loa!



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Anonymous donna said...

Una Thompson sure has a lot goin' on in "Like Clowns"... cool sound :)

3:51 PM  

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