Wednesday, November 09, 2005

All Florida Indies #21 - Week Ending 11/13/05

All Florida Indies #21 Ride It NOW
Length of show: 44:51 - Size of file: 41.1 MB


1. Joseph Graye and the Average Joe Band - "American Son"
2. Junkie Rush - "In The Morning"
3. Paul Miller - "Have You Ever Known Someone Like That"

4. Sunny - "Overflow"
5. Kristen Hart - "Hometown"
6. Playground - "Living In A Dream"

7. Bob "Stormcrow" Sanders - "Sitting In Limbo"
8. Groovelogic - "Urban Safari"
9. The Legendary JC's - "Girl Can't Take It"

Sorry, we're a little late (and a little loopy) this week. Be sure to check out Indiefeed Florida!

As always, mahalo -



Anonymous donna said...

fun show!
for me, this week's stand out is Kristen Hart.... love her acoustic-playing and her voice is so smooth. beautiful sound, beautiful song

3:24 PM  

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